20,160 L


  • Bearing weight (kg) – ≤80kg
  • Type – 18 inches
  • Brake system – Front and rear disc brakes
  • Frame material – Aluminium alloy
  • Front fork specification – High-carbon steel shock absorber front fork
  • Wheel set specification – Spoke wheel, pneumatic tire
  • Recommended age of users – 5-10 years old
  • Chain cover – Fully-enclosed chain cover
  • Colurs – RED and BLUE

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The Ultimate First Bicycle is Here

Built on award-winning design, the Ninebot Kids bike is easy to operate, safe, and comfortable for young children.

Anti-Collision System

Designed to protect children from the possibility of accidental injury, Segway’s Ninebot Kids Bike features a full-coverage soft silicone body. Experience a kid’s bike that is a step above the rest.

Adjustable Ergonomic Seat

The ergonomic seat cushion of the Ninebot Kids Bike is comfortable, adjustable and design with children in mind.

Brake Safely

The rear wheel coaster works with a front-wheel handbrake for ultimate safety and control.

Adjustable rim brakes can be costumized to fit every child’s hands.

Integrally-formed sporty seat cushion

The cushion is made of high-elasticity PU foaming material and is integrally formed by vacuum olastic absorption. The arc of the cushion is soft and round, and the shock absorption design provides com fort-able experience.

Hub bearing

Hub bearing is selected to realize smooth iding, small resistance and easy riding.

The shock-absorbing front fork can effectively filter shock

The 40mm large-stroke shock-absorbing front fork can effective reduce the vibration caused by bumpy road surface, so the bike can easily run on gravel roads, complex mountain roads or cross over continuous speed bumps.