15,840 L


  • Tire size: 6.5-inch
  • Max  Speed: 10-15km/h
  • Max Load Capacity: 100kg
  • Full Charge Running Distance: 20km
  • Motor: (350W X 2 =700W)
  • Samsung Battery: 36V 4400Ah
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Easily Ride It

With the speed of up to 15km/h, enjoy the fun that can be brought to you by Smart Balance Scooter and take mobility to a whole new level. simply shift your weight forward on the foot grips. No matter what age, you can master the use of Smart Balance Scooter! It takes under 5 minutes to get familiar with Smart Balance Scooter and 30 minutes to master it.

Indoor & Outdoor Fun

The dynamic stabilization system supports the driver and prevents from tumbling over. If you lean forward, you will accelerate und to brake you simply lean back. Smart Balance Scooter drives forwards, backwards, turns in both directions and turns around its own axis with a radius of 0°. With its compact measures and the zero-degree-turning radius, the Smart Balance Scooter is enjoyable both indoor and outdoor.

Powerful Motor

The Smart Balance Scooter takes 2 hours to achieve a fully charged battery and can be used for a range of 15-20 km on one charge. You can drive over terrain without a worry. It also features a max load of 100kg and a Dual 350W Motor giving you a whopping 700W.

Stable Tires

Using a 36V 4400Ah Lithium Battery, you could easily travel in a new way with Smart Balance Scooter. It comes with 6.5-inch tires, this feature alone assures that it can last for a very long time whatever your weight is! So go anywhere you want anytime with Smart Balance Scooter.

Your Safety First

Enjoy the ultimate fun with this scooter! As well as keep yourself and family safe of any damages caused by its misuse. You are highly recommended to plug it off, when optimum full charging is achieved (usually it takes 2 hours) to avoid overcurrent that may causes fire cases. You are also recommended to use accessories like Helmet, elbow pads and knee pads while using the scooter outdoors. Try not to ride it with full speed especially on wet floors.