50,400 L


  • Rated voltage – 14.4V⎓
  • Nominal battery capacity – 5200mAh
  • Rated power – 35.6W
  • Charging voltage – 20V⎓
  • Product net weight – 3.6kg
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Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro 10,000 vibrations/min, fast mopping for exceptional cleaning

Taking mopping power to the next level

10,000 vibrations per minute to power clean even stubborn stainsEquipped with the full-coverage high-frequency sonic vibration mop, the entire unit vibrates to significantly boost cleaning power and easily remove tough stains like coffee and soy sauce.

 High-frequency sonic vibration mopping                                                             

-10,000 vibrations/min. for easy stain removal                                                    

-Entire unit vibrates while mopping                                                                        

-Full floor coverage with no missed spots                                                              

-Designed specifically for home floors                                                                     

-Powerful removal of stubborn stains                                                                     

Standard vibrating mopping

5000 vibrations/min., difficult to remove stains when operating at low frequency

Partial vibration

Weak cleaning power and low efficiency

No proprietary design

Poor performance on removing stubborn stains

Microfibres for powerful stain removal

The mop features microfibres to ensure even penetration of water, effective removal of stains and quick drying for the floor. This helps prevent leaving water marks and damage to the floor.

The next generation LDS laser navigation system enables fast and accurate mapping of the entire home

The LDS laser navigation system efficiently scans and quickly maps the complex environment of the entire hom e,to quickly plan the robot’s cleaning route. Even the darkness of night won’t stop it—the system can navigate accurately even in low light.

Capable of mapping multiple floors

  • Easily switch move between floors to clean

All-new mapping mode

  • Quick and efficient mapping

Memory of locations

  • Self-location no matter where you move it to

Smart resume-cleaning function

  • Resume cleaning where it left off after charging

Advanced mopping route design covers corners and hidden dust traps

  • Specially designed mopping routes simulate manual cleaning, wiping repeatedly from left to right. Combined with a smart electronically controlled water tank, this ensures that the robot can easily remove floor stains.

Crumbs are vacuumed up in a flash, leaving only clean floor behind

  • Powerful 3000Pa* suction allows the robot to easily vacuum up large particles of dust and debris from crevices, leaving nowhere for dust to hide.