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  • Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 
  • Wall sticker 
  • Instruction manual 
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Detects changes in temperature and humidity

Makes your life more comfortable

Temperature and humidity are closely linked to health. Sudden changes can result in dry mouth, catching a cold, fever, allergies and general discomfort. The Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 alerts you to subtle changes in temperature and humidity, and connects to other smart equipment to adjust the temperature and humidity throughout the house and ensure greater comfort.

Smart link devices, making your home more comfortable

The Mi Bluetooth Gateway lets you connect the Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 with other smart devices in your home to optimize temperature and humidity levels, making your home environment more comfortable.

When the temperature starts to drop, The heating turns on automatically

Electric heating can be turned on automatically when the temperature falls below the preset temperature in the Mi Home app.

Automatically turn on the humidifier when the air is dry

Set your humidifier to turn on and off automatically by configuring a preset humidity level in the Mi Home app.

Baby Mode alerts

Smart guard enabled

Designed with your baby’s comfort in mind. In Baby Mode, whenever the temperature or humidity gets out of your baby’s comfort zone, you will receive an automatic reminder in the Mi Home app along with suggestions, giving you and your family smarter protection *Baby Mode requires connection through a Mi Bluetooth Gateway (sold separately)

Minimum power consumption for one battery, one-year standby

The Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 uses an ultra-low-power display. One button cell battery can supply enough power for about one year, for long-lasting peace of mind.

High-precision sensors More accurate temperature and humidity sensors

The Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 has a built-in Swiss Sensirion high-precision digital temperature and humidity sensor, capable of quickly and accurately detecting changes in temperature as small as 0.1°C and humidity fluctuations down to 1% RH humidity and providing instant notification.

It can be stood, attached or mounted and placed in multiple rooms and locations

The Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 can be placed on the bedside table, desk, or office table; it can also be attached to the wall using the wall sticker provided, or it can be hung in your car, backpack, behind a door and other places using the prepared hanging holes on the sides.

Place in the bedroom

Detect temperature and humidity changes in the bedroom and position the connected devices to make your home more comfortable.

Attach to bathroom wall

Analyze temperature and humidity changes in the bathroom, then immediately dehumidify and ventilate to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Whole-home detection All-round protection for your family

Give your children a healthier bedroom environment and your older family members a more comfortable place to sleep, give your flowers and plants a better conservatory and give your whole family a cozier living room.

Temperature and humidity data storage lets you see the changes clearly

Open the Mi Home app and add the device “Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2”. The temperature and humidity changes can be viewed in real time and the data is stored in both the meter and the cloud.

Intuitive emoticons help you to understand temperature and humidity levels at a glance

Before you have even noticed a slight change in the weather, children and old people, who are more sensitive, may already be feeling a chill. Utilizes intuitive emoticons to help you easily understand comfort levels and take care of your family.


  • Product materials – ABS, PMMA
  • Battery model – CR2032 (installed)
  • Temperature measurement range0 – °C–60°C
  • Humidity measurement range – 0%–99% RH
  • Standards – QB/WSDJ 2401–2019
  • CMIIT ID – 2019DP8115
  • Product dimensions – 43*43*12.5 mm
  • Operating voltage – DC2.5V–3V
  • Wireless connection – Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
  • Temperature display resolution – 0.1°C
  • Humidity display resolution – 1% RH