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  • Light Detection sensor
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The Xiaomi Mi Light Detection Sensor Zigbee 3.0 is needed to record changes in lighting throughout the day and organize this data. Controlling the light intensity is necessary to know where and at what time it is best to work to prevent vision problems. So using it will help you to organize your work and leisure time. The device uses special sensors from Texas Instruments to accurately display changes in ambient light. The gadget can be synchronized with a smartphone via the Mijia application, where all measured indicators are displayed.


  • Brand – Xiaomi
  • Type – Light Sensor
  • Wireless Technologies – ZigBee
  • Weight – 80g
  • Power – CR2032 batteries
  • Size – 40×40×12 mm
  • Compatibility – Mi Home
  • Dust Protection – Not protected against water / Protected against deposited dust / insects
  • Operation – Via Smartphone