72,000 L


  • Maximum Range – 70 Km
  • Maximum Speed – 40 km/h
  • Rated power – 36V, 500W
  • Climbing Angel – 25°
  • Battery capacity – 15.6Ah lithium battery
  • Waterproof – IP54
  • Charging time – 5-6 hours

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X9 Electric Scooter – Best Boosted REV scooter alternative.

With the same build quality as with the electric scooter X6X7 PRO scooter, and X8 electric scooter, X9 scooter gets all the latest improvements with HX’s scooters for adult: Awesome power, larger battery, dual disc brakes, smart display, and wider tire.

HX X9 Scooter is the most capable foldable scooter in HX Scooter World. Aiming at riders who are looking for greater range, higher top speed, and improved climbing ability, but with unique HX removable battery design. Standard 500 Watts motor, 330 lbs load capacity and up to 43.5 miles range.